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Product promotion fee — $ 50.00 per year. * I'll include a product picture, YOUR blurb and a link on whichever dog page it best fits. IF I need to create and add promotional pages, I can do that, too. If you sweeten the pot by offering our dogs samples, I can take video of the dogs experiencing your items and post their interest and reactions to my BitChute.com and/or YouTube.com channels**.

As I've come to learn the benefits associated over time, I'll document it as I have with other products.
*** There are products or companies I link to that aren't charged because I truly value their product and want to give them a shout out. ***

* There's costs for website hosting and renewals. As a lifelong computer nerd — I design the pages in an "Oldskool" way — I hand code the HTML and CSS layouts before I use WYSIWYG along with crafting the graphic art. I still use an OLD, non-subscription version of PhotoShop. I also use 2020-2022 versions of Corel PaintShop Pro and Painter... among a few other programs.

We can sign a virtual contract that Judge Marylin Milian from People's Court would approve.

** If our dogs don't express a positive response, any dog unapproved video won't be used unless it's asked to be used, regardless. "Contracts/Agreements" paid will cease after 1 year unless renewed and another $ 50 paid.

*** IF your products cause illness or distress, I WILL post it as a "Buyer Beware" alert. Any promotional fees will be surrendered and not renewed. IF I have to clean up dog yak, I'm not returning ANY paid fees! Period. Eco-88 cleaning fluid or cleaning up ANY other kind of tummy troubles ain't cheap.

While I can supply photos of dog yak, I understand I can't prove which dog it came from and when without video evidence.

There's no way I can be camera ready for every start of a yakfest so if it's nescessary to stop promoting a product, that becomes less revenue for me — I'm not looking to make your links disappear.

Sasin aka "Sassy" has pretty extreme food sensitivities so the treats we give her are mostly Darford brand, meaty and vegetable proteins and ice cubes. Treats and food made from rabbit are a hit all the way around (even Sasin's tummy agrees) but due to the size of these treats (they're those tiny training nibs) and cost, they are used for serious grooming sessions. They turn a naughty dog angelic and ready for Santa Claus. And/or nail clippers (...almost....)

In example with these links, this is how I would promote your products unless you have a better idea:

Darford Naturals Biscuit Grain-Free Bacon Recipe
(YOUR link)
(YOUR blurb would go here....)

Nutrisource Grain-Free Rabbit Bites Dog Treats 6 Ounce
(YOUR link)
(YOUR blurb would go here....)

Sasin Approved!

(Your approval would be
acknowledged with your item....)

There are 3 other willing participants to document their approval rating!

Bark At Us if you'd like to arrange a payment.