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I was approached by an editor who asked if I would link to the staff's updated article about Huskies mixed with Pomeranians. While I would never own anything mixed with Pomeranians or Shitz Tzus, I am inclined to return to a smaller sized dog such as the Schipperkes we started our dog adventures with — or a standard American Klee Kai sized Artic dog with a husky-like temperment.

Sassy is the exception to the persnickety attitude that old lady dogs seem to have that I've never had a good experience with. At least the Pomeranians I've been around never peed the carpet throughout the entire house like all 4 of the Stiz Tzus I've known have done. Sassy's a bad influence so she might convert a good dog to do bad things all while wearing a halo.

Breed mixers beware — Gremlins come in many forms that don't need water to turn mischievous — err — evil. I'll blame it on the owner (me) and the dog being that impressionable (Sassy).

I understand size and temperament means unexpected options and anything is possible when mixed together. Our dogs may out live us as they are middle-aged to old dogs but when you feed them right and keep their weight balanced, they easily make you feel older than you are, even at their ages of being 10 to 12+ years old. I'm promoting Horizon Legacy brand food that gets mixed with a little water as was directed by my good friend who is a pet food nutritionist at Pet Extravaganza. They get no salt green beans added in on the weekend.

All that said, this leads me to the link I was contacted about which I know nothing about. Please be informed by:

The Pomeranian Husky – A Beautiful Cross Worth Learning About

Please note that this website is a hobby website for our own dogs. I'm not a billboard for anyone and everyone. The editor's approach was kind, simple and sweet — straight to the point. I happily made this is an exception to the rule.

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