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Why "Rabid Jackal"? I have always come up with unique web names and learned the hard way that "simplicity" always works best. That said, I continue to reveal myself as someone who insists on 4 wheeling a front wheel drive car through swampy briar patches. I'm special that way. Anyway — this domain name has proven to continue to be a hard name (in email form) to spell out for people to write it without bushwhacking the spelling. Oh, well. The name stays and if one can't write it down correctly — I don't need that person's email.

To that uniqueness, I'm a devout fan of the TV show, Two and A Half Men. Character, Alan Harper, calls his ex-wife's attorney "the Rabid Jackal". He also watches his son, Jake, tear into a Christmas present as a "Rabid Jackal". I'll get to documenting the "rabid jackal" used in other episodes now that I have the entire series of the show at PeacockTV.Com at my disposal.

My domain name needed to be dog related — and easier to spell than my previously selected domain name — CanisSpiritus.Com. I thought people would be able to spell Rabid Jackal — two simply spelled words but English-speaking adults are proving to not know how to write down two words that I spell for them. Rabid comes out as RABBIT and on rare occasion, Jackal gets spelled JAEKEL. I say it then spell it one letter at a time. Clearly — it's not like I have a mouthful of socks when I speak.

I thought I was doing better on picking domain names by now....

Back to Canis Spiritus. I used that name prior to Rabid Jackal. And rather quickly, I discovered I couldn't spell it despite my best efforts. What was I thinking, you ask. Well, once upon a time, I was a huge fan of the TV show, King of the Hill. In an episode titled "The Witches of East Arlen", the character, Bobby Hill, wanted to be cool like these other kids and become a warlock. The scene that inspired that name starts at the 6 minute and 50 seconds mark.

Bobby's initiation involved having to drink "Caninus Spiritus" — dog's blood. I'm a fan of paranormal things so I thought that name would be perfect for me.... With a SLIGHT change: I switched it to "Canis" instead of "Caninus" — Latin for dogs. Wikipedia says "Canis" is the Latin genus of "the Canidae containing multiple extant species, such as wolves, coyotes, jackals, dingoes, and dogs". I'm a bigger fan of wild dogs so I went in that direction.

(Wild) Dog Spirit is an accurate description to how I relate to our dogs. When one connects with an animal, one can quickly and easily communicate on an energetic level. I know what they're thinking and what their tells are. Stares and sounds, such as a soft grumble while not blinking can deter our dogs from doing something they know they shouldn't. I don't need to tell them "no" or "bad". I just grumble and they know. But, admittedly, they still don't care and continue to ignore me when I yell at them. It's like playing poker with professional gamblers. If you're going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk. NO FEAR — dogs know when you're bluffing!

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