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These are the memories I have from all of our dogs — those still here and those are the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Some of their memories are not so fond as you would like to. Let's leave these thoughts and questions with a more tactful picture of Thump back when he had a horrible unknown and untreatable condition where he had explosive diarrhea for more than a couple weeks — inside — outside — there was no telling when it would strike next!

We started by kennel him up at night, surrounded by a plastic tarp over and under him.... The next morning, we woke up to find he had another ..."incident".... There was a serious case of the squirts still dripping off the tarpS. And the wallS. And the back of the couch. I still don't know how he managed all this.

We were using Banfield at this time and they proved just how worthless they are. At this point Thump was banished to the backyard and dog houses and the 25 foot red wire leash tethered to a tree. Once again, we woke up to his squirts. Cleaning inside the house was a whole different experience!

Outside I was out there hosing off everything and thats when I spotted it!!!

There were tiny little seeds everywhere! He'd been snacking on the seeds that fell out of the Buckthorn tree! All this time he'd been eating all the berries he'd been tethered to! Thump 20 — Me 0. I just looked it up and just read this part:

Common buckthorn (Illegal to sell in Illinois). You're welcome, the buyers to our house. We confirmed with the vets that this was definitely the stomach irritant so we pretty much immediately broke out the chain saw in I think February time and gutted that tree down to the roots. We rented a wood chipper that was trailered home by our pick-up....

Keep in mind our old garage door was painted white and made of wood. As the wood chipper minced up the tree... with extreme force the tree branches were minced up and the berries were shredded and then shot out like a blender full of blueberries getting blended while there's no lid on it! Those Buckthorn berries fought their way til the bitter end.

Back to fond memories — Texas had this thing for empty plastic food bowls — she'd flip them on their edges like she did here:

I never expected her to know what symmetry was but they provided me a photo opportunity!

We got this new Dogloo house and Texas only went into it when it was inside. She rejected reality of what a doghouse is for and substituted her own.

We had this jalapeno plant thriving one time. There were healthy sized jalapenos all over the place — just about ready for the picking.... Then what did I see??? Texas was eating ALL the jalapenos! They never affected her in a negative way. Some things I just don't understand!

We learned from Thump just how common it is for the Husky Curl. They come from Arctic regions so that's a common Husky trait. Their cold wet nose will always be insulated.

Echo does this just as often as Thump would.

Banshee does it once in a while....

The pack knows it never gets that cold indoors so they just couch block me and take up most of the couches.

I'd like to be a dog in my house — there's always a place to sleep and an Amazon delivery person to bark at!

Dad turned Sirius into a boat captain and she was quite happy about it!