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When it was time to get Banshee a buddy, I found Sasin on the Humane Society of the United States website and I called about her. She'd only been posted online about a half an hour. It was a "country mile" but we went right down with Banshee and the Schipperkes we had at the time. The shelter people brought her out to the outdoor meet and greet fenced in enclosure and no-one was interested in anything other than the smells.

We were there a short while when a staff member came out to alert us that there were other people showing up to see her and were calling about her — decide quick. We did!

We were told she was a "surrender" because her owners were leaving the country and couldn't take her with them. "Lucky" us. We got her home and before long, we found her slopping water like it was going out of style. We had her tested for diabetes. Lucky me — I had to get a urine sample and got peed on while getting it. She does not have diabetes. The vet suspected she has Polydipsia. I suspect she was raised by yuppies who were never home and did not leave out water. She drinks like she's severely dehydrated and where we need to limit her consumption. I also suspect her having the rougher malamute guard hairs and a needy personality that she is half Siberian Husky and half Alaskan Malamute — an Alusky just like Akula. And her size would make her — 40ish lbs — the runt of the litter or a lot more husky, less malamute. If she doesn't get the extra special attention that Akula gets — she WILL get your attention....

Sasin earned her name when she came home with us and soon thereafter effortlessly launched herself up and over our couch! A sasin is a Soviet Intercontinental Ballistic Missile R-9 - SS-8 Sasin. Her nickname is well earned — "Sassy" cos she IS!

I took Sasin to the pet store to pick out a new toy of her choosing. She did! And that's when I learned she loves red! I know I know! Dogs can't see in color. Well, then she likes the shade of grey that equals out to it in a dog's brain cos she can pick it out food bowl colors, toy colors, and all other red whatnots — just like Dad!

Yes — the fan is on and it's rotating across her fuzzy butt. :)

I thought Echo was the sleep on a toy dog kind of dog. After Echo showed up doing it on her own — Sasin started doing it!

Sasin got her own customized Alpine Outfitters harness. Akula has a yellow Alpine harness.

Sasin is notorious for lying about with crossed paws. She's not the only one and there's a it's science behind it:

Inverse says so. Here are 25 other dogs with the same idea. I can see the Husky in a lot of them....

Other paw crossers

Sasin sleeps in weird ways. It's only part of what makes her special!

Sneeze in 3... 2...

Is Sasin an Agouti Husky? — Sasin has the "alternating bands of color along each individual hair shaft", brown eyes, endless amounts of energy at 10+ years old. However, she does not have the "dirty face". It's been impossible to have the camera with me when I see the "bands" or "lines" in her fur but they're there. Sasin's fur is black on top, brown in the middle and white at the bottom. What's really sad is that I can ID which dog shed where. I say that just before I grab my cell phone and purposefully take photos of her fur. 15 minutes of enticing her to turn sideways...

If you can tell me if she is or isn't an agouti husky, please Bark At Us.

In quote from DogHint > Agouti-Husky: Agouti Siberian Huskies tend to be independent and willful. They often are even-tempered and love other dogs and are indifferent to strangers. They love to play and will stay playful well into adulthood. (Sassy says she's NOT old at 12+ years in age.)

Sasin IS indifferent to dogs other than Echo. More so now that they're both older and clearly set in their ways. Sasin seems to hate Echo's curiosity and being nearby — especially if there is food of any kind within range.

Interestingly enough, however, if I need Sasin to go get Echo in from the yard, I'll tell Sasin to "go get Echo" and let her out. Sasin being within eye shot of Echo, Echo will not always take her sweet time and come closer to the door and eventually come inside like it's her idea. Whatever it takes to get Echo in from sitting out there, staring at the fence — or better — get her in from standing on the porch, staring at the closed and curtained window. "Some people's children".

It also appears that Echo lumbers around Sasin just to annoy her. When you're around these dogs as much as I am, they really become characters in a tv show — much like Rose on Two and a Half Men. They also remind me of all of the cast of the George Lopez tv show. Clearly, I don't get out much — especially since my stroke!