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Because of YouTube's political stance and violation of the Constitution, Amendments and what have you, I moved all my videos to BitChute, a platform that accommodates the Second Amendment and the conservative voice. The only downside I can find is that I can't enlarge the video as I can on YouTube or Rumble. So... with each video here is a link to the video on BitChute where you can enlarge the video to full screen.

Now that I'm getting back into making videos of the dogs, here's the 411 for all you tech nerds: I'm using an older model Drift GhostHD and an older model Safevant law enforcement video cameras so when you see the date and time and a bunch of zeros in orange, that's Safevant. Both are good cameras but they can be way too quirky in setting up and using. Without a job since the stroke, I have to get good at using my brain and old equipment. I'm also starting to use an older Sony Cybershot with 3D capability and my preferred Nikon Cool Pix. When I found my 2 forgotten about camera tripods, I decided I would learn how to edit multiple video perspectives come 2022. I now have updated software so GAME ON!