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Alusky Catahoula Leopard Siberian Husky

And let's not forget Banshee's mix of Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog!

I started reading up on Catahoulas and not really knowing anything about the breed, I found that all I really knew about them was what I knew of hounds. Just by learning from what I read on this website, I can confirm the shelter we got Banshee from was accurate when they said she was Siberian Husky and Catahoula Leopard Dog! She isn't in a Siberian Husky mood — she is a text book Catahoula:

Catahoula Leopard Dogs: What's Good About 'Em, What's Bad About 'Em

Back to digging up more info on Catahoulas, I found this: Catahoula Dogs > Spotted Dog Breeds

I've been approached a couple times now by people involved with HappyDIYHome.Com and this time, I was presented with a link to Husky crossbreeding that's much more relevant to this site: 12 Catahoula Mix Dogs You Simply Have To See

From what I read there, yes, owning a working and/or hunting breed is a job in itself. Combining now 2 working/hunting breeds into one is a whole other form of pshycological warfare one might realize they are not well equipt for as they thought they were. Too late, Puddin' Pop, you're (most likely) in it for the long haul of growing old rather quickly.

Not only is there mastering the psychology end of the spectrum, there's mastering a lot more of the physical aspects. You need to be able to keep up with the needs of the body and mind... of a dog.... Add to that, the needs of a tireless Siberan Husky AND Catahoula. That said, however, adding a husky into the Catahoula mix and *poof* they become couch potatoes after they reach 5 years old, give or take. We then need to sit on the other side of the couch cos a 55lbs crossbreed becomes a 300lbs puddle of dog you won't be capable of moving.

Our husky x Catahoula, Banshee, is not as heavy a shedder as our Aluskies are or our purebred husky, Echo, was. I'll say that is an upside here.

Banshee’s definitely a good, intimidating guard dog (mostly cos she gets between me and whoever and won’t stop barking) but sales people who ignore our no soliciting sign right next to the doorbell they ring are more intimidated by our male Ninja alusky, Akula, who appears out of nowhere and stares them down.

Banshee likes to think of herself as a hunter but hasn’t caught anything like Akula has. She is getting somewhat better about not barking at the mailman now that she’s figured out who delivers their daily tripe treats.

Are you up for the challenge?