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I get into conversations with people who tell me to take "my kids" to the park and throw some balls to let said "kids" have fun and wear out just like their dogs do.

FIRST OFF — my dogs are NOT "kids". They are dogs.

There are city, county, state requirements that mandate dogs to be on a leash and in control of its owner. Under the current U.S. law they are ultimately considered property.

That aside, going to a public park and throwing balls for my dogs off a leash is against the law. If you choose to disobey the law, you're on your own. When I encounter unleashed dogs, I'm suddenly at risk of someone else's dog(s) acting out against MY best interest. "My dogs would never hurt you". FAMOUS last words. When walking my dogs, I carry a horse riding crop. Why??? The sudden sound of a whip crack against the curb, a tree or a metal trash can stop a dog and its owner(s) dead in their tracks. Leash laws, people. I will NOT be another statistic.

Secondly, some breeds will not run away from their masters -- some will. Siberian Huskies are a working class dog that is bred to run and disregard its handler if the dog does not think the handler knows what's best for the team. When you own a dog, it's best yo know the breed.

Why do always whine about my dogs being so persnickety? The first article pretty much best describes a husky! It may also put into perspective just how crazy owners really are and what leads them to the brink of insanity....

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