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In my hap-hazard stroke recovery, my brain has decided to be a wound up tighter than 2 year olds off leashes at a park full of squirrels scurrying about everywhere for all the pecans they can find!

I'm working on several different websites at close to the same time as I am figuring out what to merge yet keep a little separated.

New things for this website will start here. I update here and there or all at once cos that's what makes me special!

Dogs in the News...

I see news articles on science websites that I find informative and/or amusing so ones I find worthy of sharing will be here. They may earn their own page. If you have any articles you'd like to see on RabidJackal, Bark At Us and I'll seriously consider it but I make no promises. If you find any of these links going nowhere, PLEASE lemme know so I can remove it!

Dogs With Dementia Show a Curious Similarity to Humans With Alzheimer's

Higher Neighborhood-Level Concentration of Households with Dogs Means Less Crime

Why Do Eyes of Cats, Dogs and Other Animals Glow in the Dark?

Dogs Really Do Pull Faces to Communicate With Us, Says New Study

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Scientists Think They Finally Know How Dogs Sniff Out Diabetes

Dogs Understand an Average of 89 Unique Words And Phrases

Dog vision: How do dogs see the world?

Dogs know when humans are lying to them

There's a few new changes happening, starting with semi-major website updates to 3 intertwined websites on one hand and stroke recovery on the other hand.

It's an El NiƱo weather season so that means there's a fairly extreme naturally occuring temperature shift. It's an experience non native Texans perceive as a glimpse of what being in Hell would/will be like. This alone should steer us all straight in life. In the Texas DFW area, weather is in the 100s+ for what feels like years at a time. But it's weeks at a time. Heat indexes are reaching 106! Why am I bringing this up???

Check out my latest grooming adventures!

I will always be updating this site and looking for new dog-related articles to post here. If you'd like to see something here....